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I have asked until I am blue in the face for them to remove my number and it doesn't happen.I get calls on at least a once daily basis from this number as well as at least 5 other telemarketers I've seriously gotten to the point where I rarely even answer my land line anymore because it's ALWAYS telemarketers. [For what it's worth, I'm single and have no children either, so I don't know how these people got my number either.] Are thesenpeople serious I call just want to be taken off I do not need 5 phone calls a day that I can not even understand.That's the only way anyone could have gotten my cell phone number--I replied to a medical survey and they promised they would not give my number to any outside agency. Just don't ever answer a survey--they lie to you about not giving out your email address.No offense Mike, but simply calling the number that called me this time [or the dozens of other times prior to this] and requesting that they remove my number from their list does NOT help.DDo S Mitigation Our combination of software, commercial hardware and managed solutions help you respond to DDo S attacks in real-time and keep legitimate traffic flowing to your network.

People should stop signing up online for things and not reading the fine print. the companies are allowed to call your phone even your cell phone. Now they do have to respect your request for you to be put on their personal DNC LIST, but if you or someone in your household etc goes back and signs up for something again, whether you realized you did it or not, they can call you again.They keep calling my cellphone and I've even placed it on the DNC, even though it wasn't required that I do this.They can not legally telemarket a cellphone anyway. If they're willing to do that, what kind of people do YOU think they are? How did they get/charge your card if you didn't provide the information?Please find a "REAL" job & stop calling people that you think you can scam!!! I also have called the number (8) and then you get an animated message.... Basically after blabbing my head off about useless crap she would keep presisting on me paying her some RIDICULOUS amount of money a month for who knows what. My number is (313)221-0023, and you guys, are really overwhelming. If in fact I registered my daughter in law and used my number, she's now passed away and would prefer not to be harassed. Why should I have to go out of my way to call you after telling your employee not to call and apparently from what I'm reading, calling and or emailing is not working.I too have been recieving phone calls that when I answer them, they hang up... When I typed in the email ([email protected]) it shows to be of no good.... I asked her 4 times to please take me off the call list and that I am NOT interested in this program whats so ever, she then hung up on me. Meaning they will call yet again every ten minutes at ridiculous times of the day. The next call I receive I will be reporting your Company and it's employees to the BBB, Consumer Affairs, and every possible mother's website I can connect with to turn people away from your company. I have called and spoke directly with an associate who said they would put me on their do not call list, so we will see! Take this as strong advice not to harass people who ask not to be called again! Just gives them further justification for calling, emailing and other venues to harass you through. I mean they call at all hours of the day and night.

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If I get another phone call from this number, I will report it. Amy Soss Obviously you really don't give a damn about how your company is being represented as you posted this months ago and the same tactics are still being used. You're right I was very upset when I got THIRD call from one of your employees who decided that she wanted to argue with me for 5mins.

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